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Ronor Eyeglass Multi Clean at Costco Australia | Loaded Trolley

Ronor Eyeglass Multi Clean at Costco Australia

One of the first things I bought at Costco when I became a member at the Docklands a bit over three years ago was a three pack of Ronor Eyeglass Multi Clean. In that time those three 200ml bottles are finally coming to their end and so, last week, I picked up some more.

This time around though it wasn’t just three 200ml bottles in the pack, but an extra three 30ml ‘purse’ sized spray packs. That is a total of 690ml of eyeglass cleaner for $9.99 and there was also 3 microfiber cleaning clothes in with the cleaner.


Oh, and this stuff isn’t just for your eyeglasses. It’s great from camera lenses, phones, tv and computer screen and mirrors. I use it on my DSLR lenses and computer, laptop and TV screens all the time. So now that I have the small spray bottles one can go straight in with my camera kit.

Ronor Eyeglass Multi Clean at Costco Australia

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