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Sea Doo Springer Wetsuits | Loaded Trolley

Sea Doo Springer Wetsuits

Get these while their hot and stay warm in the water this summer, especially for those of us that like to brave the Antarctic chill of the water on Victoria’s beaches. Costco in Docklands has these Sea Doo ‘Spring Suit’ style wetsuits for men, women and kids.

The men’s suits are all black with white stitching and Costco has sizes medium through XX-large at a price of $43.99. The women’s version is black with grey panel on the arms with available sizes 5 through 12 (US sizing perhaps?) also at $43.99.

The children’s wetsuits are black with bright yellow panels to keep them visible in the water. They are in youth sizes 8 through 14 and are just $32.99.

The Body Glove wetsuits Costco offered last year ran out quite quickly, so if you want one you better run into a store ASAP!

Sea Doo Springer Wetsuits

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