Second Costco Store Approved for Liverpool, Sydney

After initially deferring their decision earlier this month, Liverpool City Council last night gave the nod for the changing of the local environment plan to accommodate a 4300sqm Costco at Casula, in Sydney’s south-west. Council held back from making a decision at their November 5th meeting, however this time around gave the go ahead not only for the new Costco development, but for a Brand Outlet Center down the road as well, signaling massive growth in the area.

Combined the two developments are worth $41.2 million and will bring more than 650 full-time jobs to Liverpool as well as hundreds of jobs during the construction phases. The Costco store will find a home at the Crossroads homemaker centre in Casula.

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Liverpool City Council Mayor, Ned Mannoun said Council welcomes the opportunity to facilitate major developments in Liverpool City which enhance economic growth and job creation.  The Costco store will create about 80 construction jobs during building. It is anticipated that Costco will be open to the public in the next 12 months.

“Liverpool has extensive investment potential and will be moving towards unprecedented growth in the next decade. These developments in addition to several other proposed submissions that have been made to Council will drive local employment opportunities, foster economic development and establish Liverpool as a cultural hub for shopping, entertainment, recreation and leisure,” Mayor Mannoun said.

The amendments to the Liverpool Local Environmental Plan will be sent to the Department of Planning and Infrastructure for final determination.

Stay tuned for further updates on the new stores progression.

Sources: Liverpool Leader, Herald Sun, Courier Mail

Second Costco Store Approved for Liverpool, Sydney

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