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St. John Ambulance Car Safety Kit | Loaded Trolley

St. John Ambulance Car Safety Kit

Get these while their hot, because I think Costco is pricing these to clear at the Docklands store.

Costco is offering the St. Johns Ambulance Car Safety Kit for $18.96. I am fairly sure that the price was higher a few weeks ago, so I think this is one of those items Costco is not going to stock in the Australian stores in the future. If you want one, get down there ASAP or you’ll have to buy one from St. John Ambulance direct at around $50 each.

These kits contain:

Qty Description
1 Bandage conforming 5cm x 1.5m
1 Tape hypo-allergenic 2.5cm X 9.1m
1 Bandage triangular 110 X 110cm
1 Dressing wound No.15
2 Dressing non-adherent 10 X 10cm
2 Pad eye – Large
1 Strips adhesive in box X 50
1 Scissors S/S. sharp/blunt 12.5cm
1 Blanket emergency shock
1 Safety pin in bag X 12
1 Note pad & pencil in bag
1 Resus-O-Mask
1 Plastic bag S.J resealable 150 X 230mm
2 Swabs antiseptic (skin prep) each
1 Gloves nitrile in bag x 2 (med)
1 First aid quick reference
1 Safety Warning Triangle
1 Safety Vest
1 Plastic Bag Resealable 100 X 180mm S.J.

Have you spotted the same deal at Costco’s Canberra or Auburn, Sydney stores? Let us know in the comments below.

St. John Ambulance Car Safety Kit

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