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Television Price List Updated | Loaded Trolley

Television Price List Updated

The television price list page has been updated based on prices we saw at Costco Ringwood on 21st June 2014. Everything at Costco Australian stores is now LED LCD and almost all are 1080p resolution apart from maybe one 720p and some of the newer 4K Ultra HD units coming online.

It is also worth noting that Sony is giving away PS4 units with some of their high-end TVs.

There were also two .97 specials in the TV aisles;

  • LG 50″ LA6620 LED LCD 1080p Passive 3D 100Hz WiFi 1.6Gb PVR – $1,299.97
  • Samsung 65″ F8000 LED LCD 200Hz 1080p 3D WiFi Skype – $3,799.97

Happy shopping Australian Costco members!


Television Price List Updated

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