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Total Tools likes to think of themselves as a tool heaven, and the franchise likes to pride itself on having every tool for every trade. Launched from humble independent beginnings, Total Tools is a franchise of independently owned stores across the country, and is positioned as Australia’s top professional, industrial and trade tool retailer in Australia.

Total Tools was born from humble beginnings in 1989, when a group of tool outlets formed a cooperative to pool their resources and offer more tools under the same front. Early stores were quite successful in Victoria & New South Wales and operated under the name Total Tools Industrial. The stores kept expanding and eventually penetrated the markets in South Australia and Queensland. Today, the group is known as Total Tools. In November 2007 the decision was made to adopt a successful franchise model, and with additional storefront, and Total Tools moved on to become the top Australian retailer of tools for traders.

Tools Product Catalogue

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Total Tools is known in Australia for having a huge range of professional tools, knowledgeable staff that can offer service and advice, and customer service that goes above and beyond to help customers find the perfect tools for the job.  The stores deal with tradesmen who work in a variety of industries, from roofing to plumbing, but they are also a favorite destination for the “hardcore” do-it-yourself types that believe that if you want a job done right, you should do it yourself.


What Kinds Of Tools Can You Buy Through Total Tools?

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Total Tools supplies tools to all sorts of industries and tradesmen. Because of this, there are a lot of tools to browse when you go to the store or peruse the catalogue. The tools are broken down into the following categories:

  • Power tools. This includes sanders, drills, grinders, heat and caulking guns, saws, and more. There are also accessories and replacement parts for all the tools they sell in this category, including batteries and drill bits.
  • Hand tools. This includes knives, bevels, pliers, and trowels and about anything you’d think to include in your everyday toolkit, which of course will depend on the job that needs to be done.
  • Air tools. This includes air blowguns, air spray hoses, air sanders, air drills, inflators, and just about any other tool that uses air to do its job while it’s working.
  • Welding tools. This includes welding machines, their parts, soldering equipment, safety equipment and accessories.
  • Automotive tools. This section of the store takes up quite a bit of space and carries a lot of inventory. Almost any tool a mechanic or tradesmen will need to work on cars and ground vehicles of any sort can be found in this section. Wheel dollies, workshop supplies, work benches and tool kits are all included, as well as the common hand tools and lubricants needed to get motor vehicles in optimum condition.
  • Outdoors power equipment. This includes chainsaws, trimmers and cutters, blowtorches and other specialty equipment, as well as safety equipment and accessories for said equipment.
  • Test and measurement equipment. Some jobs require precision, and that’s what these tools are needed to assure. Lasers, measurers and testing tools that serve a variety of functions are location in this section of the store.
  • Toolboxes and storage. Every tool should have its own space, and a toolbox is often the key to a job well done. Total Tools carries toolboxes for all sorts of jobs, workshops, and industries. You’re sure to find the perfect fit among their offerings.
  • Safety equipment. Safety is always a priority, and it’s important that every job is outfitted for safety. Start jobs with fresh goggles and work gloves, and stock up on the safety equipment you use regularly so that you always have a spare. You never know when you’re going to be in need of some new equipment.


Saving Money With Total Tools Exclusive Brands

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Total Tools stores not only have the brands that master tradesmen and women need, but they also offer well-made, exclusive tool brands that can help you save money without sacrificing quality. If you’re looking for high quality tools but want to save money while shopping, look specifically for the Total Tools exclusive brand while browsing. The prices will always be lower than competing brands, and the tools manufactured by Total Tool are known to be high quality.

They started manufacturing their own tool lines about fifteen years ago when looking for ways to pass savings on to their customers. They noticed a gap in the automotive tool market and brainstormed a way to make high quality tools for motorcar work more accessible to tradesmen and hobbyists. Total, the franchise carries eight exclusive brands, offering a decent inventory of tools for every trade.  Here’s a breakdown of what each brand offers. Because these tools are commissioned directly by Total Tools, the stores are able to cut out the middleman and focus on offering high quality tools at very reasonable prices.

  • Mastercraft Value is a great value brand that offers entry-level tools and prices that can’t be beat. DIYers love this brand because it offers a variety of tools for various uses, and covers a range of categories as well as accessories. The brand also offers a range of toolboxes, hand tools, hand trolleys and air tools.
  • TTI offers automotive hand tools, sockets, engineering tools, tool kits, tool boxes and trolleys appropriate for work in commercial mechanic garages, race car settings, and for the serious hobbyist who’s working to restore a classic motorcar.
  • Saber offers an exclusive line of high-pressure washers, generators, and large industrial machinery.
  • Detroit power tools are tough and cost-effective for everyday use. This exclusive brand offers drill drivers, demolition hammers, angle grinders, heat guns and a large array of accessories.
  • HRD Industries offers general tools and accessories at the mid-range price level, including hand tools, toolboxes and led lighting.
  • Guardall manufactures safety equipment. Expect to find ladders, safety wear such as goggles and gloves, and other equipment to help with handling materials under this brand.
  • Ironair offers a comprehensive assortment of air compressors and air tools.


Save Time, Too, With Click N’ Collect

You can browse the catalogue online to find bargains on the tools you need, but if you’re a busy person, there’s an even better feature you’ll want to take advantage of when shopping at Total Tools. Choose the items you need from the store, pay for them online, and then collect your items once a store associate has gathered them for you. You’ll need to print your receipt and carry a legitimate identification to pick the items up.

Special Deals and Savings 

Often, Total Tools will offer rebates, vouchers and cash back rewards through their sales catalogue. The catalogues come out roughly every two weeks. It’s important that if you’re looking for a large ticket item, such as machinery or power tools, you check the sales and be on the lookout for special savings. You can often save $50 or more just by keeping track of the savings that are offered.

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