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Toyworld is the largest chain of specialty stores in  Australia, and many generations of adults look back fondly on their store-browsing days from childhood. Nostalgia may be one reason the store has , and remains, so popular; it came of age during the blockbuster movie era of the 1980’s.

The store itself  dates back to 1976, when its parent company, an importer/retailer, Associated Retailers Limited decided to rebrand and begin selling their large toy selections through storefronts. The movie business was booming at the time, and along with that came Star Wars action figures and complicated Lego kits featuring characters from the movies. ET dolls were all the rage. Toyworld became a store filled with puzzles, games, animated characters, larger than life displays, super soakers, bouncy balls, and so much more fun. Toyworld is now synonymous with its mascot, a happy, smiling purple bear that’s seen in the signage. The bear itself has become as important a part of childhood as the toys that each store sold.

In the early 1980’s, there was a surge in consumer spending, especially when it came to the toy industry. With this surge came a lot of great business for Toyworld, and many Australian investors took up the opportunity to own a branch of the franchise. Sadly, the recession of the early 1990’s took a toll on the stores, and many locations closed up shop as a result of a dwindling Xmas sales over the next few years. Despite economic hardships, the brand itself is remains staple of childhood, even today. There’s hardly an urban area in Australia that doesn’t have a Toyworld location. Across Australasia, the happy purple bear that is the face of Toyworld is recognized, celebrated and loved as the ultimate symbol of hobby, sports and toy stores.

There are over one hundred storefronts in operation in Australia today.

ToyWorld Catalogue

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Brands You’ll Find at Toyworld:

  • Hasbro makes a large assortment of educational toys meant to enrich childhood and develop fine motor skills. Hasbro makes toys, puzzles and games for all ages and skills sets. They have stacking and noise-making toys for babies and toddlers under their Playskool line of products. They also sell many licensed toys such as Star Wars figurines, Littlest Pet Shop play sets, and Transformers collectibles. They’re also the same brand that brought  Twister, Monopoly, and Playdough into the lives of millions of people around the world.
  • Lego fans of all ages will appreciate the wide selection of Lego play sets available, and often on sale, at Toyworld.
  • Mattel is known best worldwide for its line of Barbie products and Hot Wheels toy lines that have stood the test of time. They also are home to the line of Disney Princess products, World Wrestling Federation, and Monster High-themed toys. Their products are aimed mostly toward ages 8 and up, especially towards youngsters who are in their tween years.
  • Britz’n Pieces. Australia’s Britz’n Pieces markets a large selection of active and outdoor toys like Atomic Poppers, Helix and Phlat Ball game sets.
  • Colorific is well known in Australia for its creative play sets for boys and girls.  Colorific brands cater to the creative needs of all kids, and they sell everything from arts and craft kits to fairy princess dress-up supplies and Halloween makeup for cosplay. Children can build fair wonderland with Fairylites, or construct their own super-fast car with a Wood WorX set. They also carry a line of hardy tables, chairs and other toddler furniture that’s made of durable, wipe-clean plastic, perfect for home or daycare usage.
  • Modern Brands. Modern Brands is the exclusive distributor for Australia and New Zealand of world leading toy and entertainment brands. Their offerings includes the Sylvanian Families, Schleich, Melissa & Doug, Ravensburger, Eurotrike,Siku, WOW Toys, Orchard Toys, Etch-a-Sketch, Discovery Kids, and many more. Modern Brands has been supplying quality toys to retailers for decades and they carry some of the hottest toys for all age groups.
  • Banter Toys and Collectibles. Banter distributes some of the most collectible toys and trading cards in all of Australia. You’ll find My Little Pony, Magic the Gathering, Pokémon, Super Mario and dozens of other offerings amongst their collections.
  • Many more brands. These are the best known product lines they carry, but they also carry a large assortment of Xbox and computer games, board games galore, and an impressive array of bicycles and sports equipment just for kids.


Plan Your Savings with the  Toyworld Catalogue

Plan Your Savings with the Toyworld Catalogue

If you’ve got children in your life, you’ll want to do your best to choose gifts that enrich them, teach them good citizenship fair play, and spark their creativity. As the largest toy and hobby retailer in Australia, Toyworld has nearly anything you’ll need to meet a growing child’s needs.

The Toyworld toy catalogue can help you plan birthday and holiday purchases, and keep you up to date on the hottest new toys of the Xmas season every year. Use the circular to find out when the best special prices and sales will take place, and ask your children to circle what toys they want so you can sneak away and buy them for the next holiday.

When you’re shopping the Toyworld catalogue, you’ll be getting the best prices that they can offer, and you’ll often find some incredible deals that you’ll want to take advantage of. If you see something on sale in the catalogue, you can be sure that it will probably be a great value for your money, and it’s best to make the purchase straight away because great sales don’t last for too long.

Join the Toyworld Club for VIP Savings and Specials..

Toyworld offers great sales every week, and if you’re like most parents, you probably want to make sure your children get the toys they’re begging for, but you don’t have a huge budget to do it with. That’s why it’s so important that when you’re shopping Toyworld, either  in person or via the catalogue that you should make sure you are a club member. Club members are privy to the best savings, special VIP sales events, birthday club discounts and  exciting sweepstakes and raffles. There’s nothing to lose, and so much to save, you’ll want to sign up with them today. You can find the form here.

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