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Vodka Cruiser Variety Pack At Costco Australia | Loaded Trolley

Vodka Cruiser Variety Pack At Costco Australia

Perhaps wine and champagne is not your thing for Christmas or New Years celebrations. Maybe your idea of a cold one at a summer barbeque is something a little sweeter than beer. Costco stocks a variety pack of Vodka Cruiser with 10 x 275ml bottles at $20.99 ($2.10 per bottle). The flavours in the pack are two each of Guava, Pineapple, Pom Pom, Pine-Lime and Raspberry.

vodka-cruiser-variety-pack-01 vodka-cruiser-variety-pack-02

This price appears to be significantly better than the online price showing at some of Costco’s competitors. For example, Dan Murphy’s has a similar mixed 10 pack, with some slightly different flavors, for $29.99 which equates to $3.00 per bottle. Woolworths has a mixed multi pack with 12 bottle of different Vodka Cruiser flavors for $36.40 which is $3.03 per bottle.

Vodka Cruiser Variety Pack At Costco Australia

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