WeeRide Kangaroo Limited Baby Bicycle Seat

We recently stumbled upon (well a friend actually pointed it out) a fantastic bargain at Costco -the WeeRide Limited Baby Bicycle Seat.


  • Thick seat and back padding as well as a padded shoulder harness
  • Deluxe safety harness with oversized buckle
  • Unique carrying position
  • Adjustable foot cups
  • A secure and comfortable carrier to keep your child secure while giving him or her a much better view of the road and surrounding activities.

Our friend told us he had purchased this seat on sale for $179 at least 3 years ago.

WeeRide.com.au  price – $229.99

Goldcross Cycles price – $229.00

Costco price – $98.99


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2 Responses to WeeRide Kangaroo Limited Baby Bicycle Seat

  1. belinda says:


    do you know if the wee ride is still on sale at Costco? im keen to buy but am not a member so will only join if the product is still available.

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