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What Will Be On Your Christmas Dinner Table? | Loaded Trolley

What Will Be On Your Christmas Dinner Table?

We were walking through Costco’s Docklands store last week trying to figure out what types of articles to write on Loaded Trolley over the coming weeks. Given that we are now in December and leading into Christmas, I think it would be a good time to do cost comparisons of the typical items that Australians serve on their table for Christmas lunch or dinner, or perhaps for those family or work Christmas gatherings.

In my own head from our family Christmas table we have chicken, prawns, potato and salad ingredients. However there is so much more that we serve and, of course, every family has their own traditions for the food that they serve at Christmas.

So please contribute to this discussion, either in the comments section below on through our Facebook page. Add the types of food that you would normally serve for Christmas and in the next few weeks we will compare Costco Australia’s prices to those of Woolworths and Coles. We may even throw in Aldi too!

What Will Be On Your Christmas Dinner Table?

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