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Wii U Premium Pack With Bonus Game At Costco Australia | Loaded Trolley

Wii U Premium Pack With Bonus Game At Costco Australia

With the launch of Wii U last week (amazing how Nintendo timed that just in time for Christmas!) there are a number of different deals around for the Wii U Premium pack that comes with everything you need to get running with your new Wii U.

Costco is stocking the Wii U Premium pack in their Australian stores and are offering it with two games for $419.99. The two games in the pack are Nintendo Land, which comes packaged in the premium pack, and Ubisoft’s Wii U Sports Connection. The bonus Wii U Sports Connection game is currently showing as retailing for $69.99 at JB HiFi.

As a comparison, here are some of the other Australian retail deals being offered at the moment for the Wii U Premium pack (the premium pack includes 1 game, Nintendo Land, and a number of of premium Nintendo Wii U accessories) :

  • JB HiFi – $399 – Includes additional aftermarket accessory pack
  • Dick Smith Electronics – $419 – Includes $20 Dick Smith Gift Card
  • Big W – $378 – No bonuses
  • K-Mart – $379 – No bonuses
  • Target – $429 – Additional game ‘Just Dance 4’
  • Toys’R’Us – $429.99 – No bonuses
  • EB Games – $428 – No bonuses

The Costco offering with an extra game seems like a pretty good deal, especially with an extra game to keep the kids, or kids at heart, entertained on Christmas day.


Wii U Premium Pack With Bonus Game At Costco Australia

3 thoughts on “Wii U Premium Pack With Bonus Game At Costco Australia

  1. We are heading to Docklands tomorrow and I will see if the deal has changed. Best to call ahead to the Auburn Costco to see if they have stock…Costco stock control system is pretty good and they can tell you how many are still in stock from the computer. Not sure if they can hold it for you if they only have limited stock though.

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