Windows 8 Pro Upgrade

With the release of Microsoft Windows 8 the upgrades packs are flowing into stores. Costco is offering the best price of any of the brick and mortar retailers, but just by the skin of their teeth. They are also not the best price overall, as Microsoft is outdoing everyone by offering the upgrade for just $39.99.

Be warned though, the price from Microsoft if for downloads only (also know as ‘media-less’) and last time I tried to download the 14Gb media-less version of Microsoft Office from Microsoft it took about 4 attempts over 2 days before I managed to get the entire package.

Store Price
Costco $48.69
Officeworks $48.72
Harris Technology $48.72
Harvey Norman $58.00
Microsoftstore.com* $39.99
Dick Smith $57.99
estore.com.au $57.95

* Online download only

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3 Responses to Windows 8 Pro Upgrade

  1. Windows 8 anyone upgrading?

  2. Corey Gibson says:

    I am considering it. I’ve tried it on a couple of demo laptops and a tablet and it’s pretty good for anything with a touch screen (tried it on a tablet and a touch screen laptop), but I am not convinced on a non-touch computer.

  3. Going to put it on my media center free media centet till jan

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