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Zamel’s Jewellers, also known formally as The Jewellery Group, operates jewelry stores throughout Australia. The retailer, known for high style and luxury gifts, offers diamonds and diamond jewelry, gold or silver necklaces, earrings and bracelets. They also offer an elegant selection of gemstone jewellery and classic timepieces.

Zamel Jewellers’ first store was opened in New South Wales. Started by Lily and Phillip Zamel in 1954, the couple grew the business by building on family skills. Phillip Zamel was a watchmaker, and along with their young son Adrian, lived in Cooma, just north of Canberra, and during the years of living there, their second son Stephen was born.  The family decided that their family might be more suited to city life with two young children, and after getting word of growing business opportunities in South Australia, decided to move the business and the family into a more urban in 1960.


Zamel's Jewellers Catalogue

It wasn’t long before the family business opened a jewelry store in the new “satellite” city of Elizabeth, located just north of Adelaide. They also operated a coffee lounge in this area. The family once told reporters that during that time period, they were working twenty hours a day. It was grueling, and after a year, they sold their Celebrity Coffee lounge and opened the Elizabeth Gallery Gift Store. Phillip, a qualified Watchmaker, began to travel the world looking new jewelry ideas and products, sourcing high quality jewellery find from vendors across the globe. Four years later, the company had another growth spurt, opening new jewelry stores in the growing areas of Tea Tree Plaza at Modbury, and Parabanks at Salisbury.

Two of their sons, now grown, had both entered fields that were instrumental to the new business. Adrian had become a qualified manufacturing jeweller and Stephen had joined the business as a retail apprentice. With the company operating very successfully in Adelaide, the Zamel Family decided to look for other areas in which to expand, the first being Perth in 1988.

Today, Zamel’s has nearly 70 stores nationally, with more in planning. The store’s product selection has also continued to evolve and expand in recent years. The company is well known for a great selection of fine jewellery, corporate gifts, and other great finds made from precious stones and metals.

A Peek At Some Of Zamel’s Brands

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Zamel’s sells wares from only the highest quality vendors, and as a result, they only carry a few high-quality jewellery and watch brands, most of them exclusive to the store. Here’s a breakdown of a few brands they’re currently known for:

  • Eclipse Time Culture watches, which are timepieces are the ultimate in class and style for the modern Australian. This brand is exclusive to Zamel’s. Watches are often elegant pieces featuring diamonds and made from gold or silver. Buyers can often have the watches engraved with a special message, making them an ideal business or personal gift that’s sure to impress.
  • Hot Diamonds, a new brand launched in just September 2015, this brand features genuine gold and silver amulets, with artistic pendants decorated with diamonds, classy diamond-studded earrings and sleek diamond-adorned bangle bracelets. This line is exclusive to Zamel’s.
  • Amorica Jewellery. This jeweller makes charm bracelets for collectors to fill with charms that reflect their personality, hobbies or significant life events such as the birth of a child or the start of a new career. Each charm is a limited edition and made from authentic silver or gold and encrusted with precious diamonds or other gemstones.
  • Seiko watches, including the Lorus brand. Known for quality timepieces, Seiko is a Japanese brand with a rich history in the timepiece business. Founded in 1892 with the name Seikosha the brand originated when a watchmaker named Kintarō Hattori opened a watch and jewelry shop. In 1924, he shortened the name to Seiko and began to focus only on watches. The store also carries Pulsar, another Seiko brand that was responsible for the world’s first electronic digital watch.
  • The Solitaire Collection offers an exclusive line of diamond jewellery, meant especially for romantic gifts and gestures, including their diamond ring and earring selections, in tasteful, simple designs. All designs are available in both silver and gold. This is another merchandise line that is exclusive to Zamel’s.
  • The New York Collection, another Zamel exclusive line, boasts a lot of bling, US-style. Chic urban jewelleryshines with dozens of cubic zirconia’s inset into real gold or silver. This line is very popular with the younger crowd.
  • The Paris Collection features classic gold and silver jewellery, inspired by classic fashion and sophistication that Paris is well known for in the international world.
  • Citizen Eco-Drive sells a line of handsome watches that are solar powered. They are designed to harness the power of light from any natural or artificial light source, and never need a battery. The luxury watch brand is the “official timekeeper” for the U.S. Open Tennis Championships.

The store often picks up new exclusive brands throughout the year, as they offer more sales and promotions and make trade deals with retailers abroad. The store keeps a healthy mix of modestly priced fine jewellery selections as well as luxury brands. They want to make sure that you know that they’re able to do everything in between.

Corporate Gifts At Zamel’s

Zamel's Jewellers

Zamel’s has long been the choice by many Australian businesses when choosing an Xmas or New Year’s gift for associates. Many selections can be engraved specially for the recipient. There is also Company Logo Dial Embossing available on certain selections – often dependent on the item being embossed — and free delivery for all corporate gifts.

Other Services at Zamel’s

Zamel’s is a full-service jewellery store, and, as such, they offer resizing service, repair, and insurance appraisals for customers. Whatever your jewellery needs are, stop by the local store to find out if they cover them.

Saving Money as a Zamel’s VIP (“Diamond Person”)

Zamel’s currently has a website that features many of their selections and they have a monthly online catalogue that features special savings and other deals. But to truly learn about the best sales and special they have to offer, you’ll want to join their exclusive VIP program and become what they call a “Diamond Person”. (http://www.zamels.com.au/register-today.html)

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