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How do I join Costco?
Costco membership costs $60 for a one year membership and is purchased directly from the store itself.

Can I have a look around before I purchase a Costco Australia membership?
Of course. You are completely free to look around any Costco store before purchasing a membership. All you need to do is provide your ID at the Members counter and you will be provided with a Visitor Pass.

Please note that the Visitor Pass can only be used for browsing through the store, if you wish to make any purchases you need to purchase a membership.

Alternatively feel free to look through the Loaded Trolley Price List to get an idea on what items Costco Australia stocks.

What are the prices on the site? Can I buy online from Loaded Trolley?
One of the main purposes of Loaded Trolley is to provide you with the latest information on prices at Costco. The prices provided on this site should be used for indicative purposes only and are based on frequent Loaded Trolley scouting as well as the information provided by the Loaded Trolley community.

You are not able to purchase anything directly from the website, the prices are purely used to help you make purchasing decisions at Costco.

What is the connection between Loaded Trolley and Costco Australia?
We are proud to say that we are completely independent of Costco Australia and there is no relationship whatsoever. We aim to provide an independent and unbiased view on Costco Australia and its products to help the community make the best purchasing decisions. Having said that, clearly we are big Costco Australia fans and think it provides a great variety of products at reasonable prices.

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