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Loaded Trolley is dedicated to bringing you the latest news about Costco Australia with a focus on price lists and product reviews.

Over the coming months we will be providing regular product reviews from the Loaded Trolley team as well as sharing with you the favourites of the Loaded Trolley community to help you uncover more of the hidden secrets that lie within the Costco aisles.

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Product Review Competition – Win Up To $200!

To help launch the new design of Loaded Trolley and celebrate hitting the 1000 item mark on our Price we are excited to launch the first Loaded Trolley Product Review Competition! We will be awarding five prizes for the best five reviews, three $50 Visa Gift Cards, one $100 Visa Gift Card and a grand prize of a $200 Visa Gift Card! The winners will be selected by the Loaded Trolley team and you will have their reviews posted on our Facebook page and the website. You can enter as many times as you like - to enter the competition you need to provide a 200-500 review on your favourite Costco Australia product. To submit your entry and a full list of terms and conditions please visit the Product Review Competition page. Start submitting your reviews - the competition closes on [...]

We Hit Over 1000 Items On the Price List!

We recently hit a big milestone here at Loaded Trolley by adding our 1000th item on to the Price List! Loaded Trolley continues to have the largest independent price list of items at Costco Australia in the world to help you make the best purchasing decisions for you and your family. At current count we have 1322 items on the Price List across 13 different categories so you should be able to find everything you need (we even added the kitchen sink!) To look at the price list please click the link above or you can find the price list here: Costco Australia Price List We will continue to grow the price list every month so stay [...]

Loaded Trolley – New Redesign

Loaded Trolley was established in early 2012 and was one of the first websites in Australia to provide information about Costco. With a focus on providing an unbiased and objective view on Costco and its products it served its small community as well. In the early days there were numerous articles providing detailed information about exactly what you could find at this strange new "Costco" store and provided clear comparisons between the items you would buy at Coles and Woolworths and the savings you could make by buying in Costco (generally in larger quantities). Since then the website changed hands a number of times and the number of articles diminished until eventually the site was for all intents and purposes finished. This all changes today. With new ownership of the site [...]

Costco Australia Vs Coles And Woolworths: Western Star Butter

Unit Price: $ per kg Average Price Best [...]

Costco Australia Vs Coles And Woolworths: Kellogg’s LCM Bars

Unit Price: $per kg Average Price Best [...]

Costco Australia Vs Coles And Woolworths: Birds Eye Frozen Peas

Unit Price: $ per kg Average Price Best [...]

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